Darcy led Loki through the station, looking around for anyone who might have been there to pick them up. She made it about fifteen steps before getting distracted though, veering off to the left at the sight of the restrooms.

"I need to get cleaned up," she said, pulling away from Loki.

He grabbed her wrist as soon as she pulled away, squeezing so tightly she could imagine her bones grinding together.

"Let go," she said, prying his fingers open. As soon as she was free of him, she rushed into the ladies’, but of course Loki just followed right after her.

"No, you can’t come in here," Darcy said, trying to push him away.

Loki glared at her. "Why?" He demanded.

"Because it’s against the rules," Darcy said, blocking the way in, as if he couldn’t just shove past her if he wanted.

"Whose rules?" He asked

"Everyone’s," Darcy said. She gave him another push and pointed to the men’s room. "You’re a guy. You go in there."

Before Loki could ask why again, Darcy escaped into the restrooms. Surprisingly, Loki didn’t follow after her. Suspecting he would before too long, Darcy took the opportunity to pee quickly, and then washed all of Loki’s blood off of her. She hadn’t realised until she looked in the mirror just how much she looked like she’d been present at a murder scene. He’d got blood on her neck, and even up on her face, which she tried very hard to ignore, while at the same time scrutinising herself in the mirror to make sure she got every last drop off of her skin. When she finally finished and walked back out of the restroom, she was surprised to find Loki still waiting on outside, but not at all surprised to find him glaring around suspiciously. He turned his glare to her and she ignored it as she took his hand before he could crush her wrist again.

"Come on," she said tiredly.

Loki hadn’t gone to clean himself up, and was still covered in blood, making Darcy eager to get out of sight as soon as possible. She led Loki down the length of the station, and then back outside before she finally found the blue plaid hoodie she’d been told to look for. The guy wearing it was standing against the wall, in a dark spot about ten feet from the door, totally not being suspicious or anything.

"Are you Dennis?" She asked.

The guy looked up from under his black ball cap and eyed the two of them. "Yeah," he said. He pointed at Loki and frowned. "What happened to him?"

Darcy looked over at him and rolled her eyes. "He did that to himself. He’s fine."

Dennis nodded and then jerked his head toward the parking lot. Without another word, he started walking off into the dark, startling Darcy. It took her a moment to realise that they were supposed to follow him. She tugged Loki along, leading him to the back of Dennis’ SUV. She gave a brief consideration toward sitting in the front, but after casting a glance up to Loki, and seeing that he was probably going to pass out soon again, she helped him into the back and then climbed in next to him.

"Don’t want to sit up front?" Dennis asked.

Darcy looked up at the front seat, but ultimately decided against it. "He gets kind of car sick sometimes. I’ll stay back here with him," she said.

Dennis watched the two of them in the mirror for a few seconds longer than necessary before starting the car, and Darcy found herself inching a bit closer to Loki. Loki cast her another suspicious glance, but Darcy ignored it, focusing instead on the creeping feeling in her chest that she was in more trouble than she knew.

"Are you going back to sleep?" Darcy asked.

Even in the dim, flickering light from the street lamps outside, she could see Loki struggling to stay awake again.

"I need to rest," Loki admitted

Darcy nodded. "I know. Go to sleep," she said.

He didn’t. He shifted in his seat and looked out the window as they pulled into traffic. "I require sustenance," he announced.

Darcy looked up at him and remembered the prepaid card Tina had given her. "Here," she said fishing it out of her pocket. She leaned forward and passed it up to Dennis. "I don’t know how much is on it. Not much, but it should cover at least him."

Dennis flipped the card over in his fingers and nodded. "Yeah, all right," he said. "There’s a Jack in the Box just up the road a ways."

As they continued up the street, Darcy looked around what she could see in the car. There was an archery arrow on the floor, poking out from under the seat. She picked it up carefully and looked at it, grimacing at its ultra sharp looking tip.

"Do you hunt?" She asked nervously.

Loki took the arrow from her and examined it, looking decidedly unimpressed with what he saw.

"Yeah, sometimes," said Dennis. He pulled off the road and into the drive-through lane at the Jack in the Box. "We’re going up to Ross Lake tomorrow to cross into Canada. I figure on my way back, I might try to score myself a deer or something."

Darcy frowned. "Oh."

He seemed weirdly relaxed for someone who was going to be spending his day smuggling people across the border.

"You mentioned Canada before," Loki said, his eyes still on the arrow.

"Yeah," said Darcy, not sure why she was embarrassed. "Guess I’m taking you there after all."

Loki smiled smugly, like an asshole.

When they pulled up to order, Darcy ordered for both herself and Loki, deciding that they both needed one of Jack’s stoner boxes. Loki didn’t seem to know what to make of the order, and when he was handed the blue box a few minutes later, became even more confused and suspicious.

"Does all your food come in boxes?" He asked.

"Just the best stuff," Darcy chirped.

She opened her box, and Loki followed her example, frowning at the mess of melted cheese and bacon that had spilled out a bit.

"Eat," Darcy said, pulling one of the tacos from its paper sleeve. "It’s delicious Earth food. Yum."

Loki seemed less than enthusiastic, and instead picked at his fries. Either his hunger got the best of him, or he decided it really was delicious, because as soon as he tried the fries, he dug into the rest like he hadn’t eaten in a week. When he was finished with his, even having used his fries to mop up all the extra melts gooey cheese, he started stealing fries from Darcy’s box. Figuring he probably needed it more than she did, she even gave him her second taco.