Darcy wasn’t sure when she stopped trembling from having crashed, and when she started shivering from the cold. She wanted to turn the engine back on so she could turn on the heater, but on the extremely off chance someone drove by before the battery died and the hazard lights stopped blinking, she wanted to make sure there was actually gas in the tank to drive away. To eliminate the temptation, she stayed in the back, huddled up in one of the blankets as she watched out the window for any sign of life. All she saw was snow swirling around in the blinking lights, building up on the sloped windows of the car. For about the twentieth time, she checked the clock on the dash, before remembering that it was wrong, and definitely not 4:30pm.

"This sucks," she said, trying to keep her teeth from clattering together.

Loki still sat up front, annoyed with her for crashing. Like it was her fault the weather sucked. Darcy looked up at him, shaking her head at him for not even pretending to be cold.

"Are you even still alive? How have you not frozen to death yet?" she asked. She pulled the blanket closer around herself and huddled against the wheel well. "I’m gonna freeze to death if something doesn’t happen pretty soon."

She eyed the heater again, forcing herself to look away before she did something dumb. The heater was for when it she was absolutely going to freeze to death, and not to be wasted before then.

"God, I’m so sick of being cold. Why couldn’t you have done this in the summer?" she grumbled quietly.

Loki moved around in his seat, and Darcy could practically hear him rolling his eyes when he looked back at her. Sighing loudly, Loki climbed back to the bed and started pulling her blanket away.

"What, no! Stop," Darcy said, slapping at him.

Loki grabbed both her wrists tightly in one hand and held her so he could take the blanket away. She thrashed and tried to kick, but he didn’t seem to notice, and only let go of her once he’d pushed and pulled her around so he could sit behind her. She went to reach for the blanket, but he wrapped it back around both of them and pulled her close to his chest, both his arms wrapped around her to hold her uncomfortably tight.

"Shut up," he said. "Say one more word and I will throw you outside."

He sighed again and leaned back against the wall, pulling her with him. Darcy sat stiffly, letting herself be moved where he wanted, too terrified to dare even try to resist. She hadn’t thought this far ahead, and had half assumed that she’d be able to talk him into staying at a hotel where there would at least be two beds, or a floor to make Loki sleep on that wasn’t right next to her. But she couldn’t get any more than about six feet away from him at any time in the car, and couldn’t even get away from him at all the way he held onto her. His grip around her chest was threatening to make it even more difficult to breathe than the fear of being held down by him already was. Not to mention, he was seriously copping a feel with his left hand, and not even trying to be subtle about it. Darcy tried to pretend that he wasn’t, but she could feel his dick starting to swell against her back. She wanted to cry all over again, but bit it back in case that was enough to make him lock her outside. She wondered if that would be worse than whatever would happen if she stayed inside.

She could feel Loki shaking his head behind her, even as his grip slowly loosened. Darcy had to stop herself from fleeing to the other side of the car, knowing she’d only wind up in an even worse position if she did.

"That’s better," Loki said, keeping his hand latched firmly to her tit.

"Is it?" Darcy squeaked. Some treacherous part of her pointed out that at least she wasn’t cold anymore. Never mind that it was because she was too terrified to be cold. That was beside the point.

She ignored his hand, and focused on the important thing. That whether it was from the blood rush and terror of being held down, or just from the closeness between them, Darcy didn’t feel quite so cold anymore. It was still freezing in the car, but she didn’t feel like she was going to just shatter from shivering too hard. For that, she was almost willing to put up with being felt up by an escaped alien lunatic. She even tried to relax a bit, letting herself lean against Loki’s chest as he held her next to him. When she finally gave in and relaxed her head against his chest, she realised he was still only wearing a t-shirt. And maybe it was just in contrast to the ball-blistering chill in the air, but the little bit of his skin she could feel against her own almost felt warm. She wanted to ask if he was starting to feel better, but kept the thought to herself in case it pissed him off and made him leave. She’d never really noticed with Thor, but after so much time spent with Loki already, she had started to suspect that maybe people were just colder on their planet than they were on Earth. Maybe it was completely normal for them to feel like they lived inside a walk-in refrigerator.

They sat silent for a long time, listening to the gentle tick of the blinking hazard lights and the wind buffeting against the car.

"I can turn on the heater," she said finally, thinking through her options out loud. "But if someone comes along and pulls us out, we probably won’t have enough gas to get to the next town. If I don’t turn on the heater, I don’t think we have enough blankets to not freeze to death before someone sees us here."

There was a question in her words, but she was too afraid to ask it. She was too afraid of how Loki might respond if she did, or how sick it would make him if he actually obliged.

"Ask me," Loki said, making it sound almost like a demand. Almost like he wanted her to ask him so he’d have an excuse to do something. It was a tone that made Darcy not want to ask, despite not having much of a choice.

"Can you do something so I’m not so cold?" she asked, forcing each word even as her throat closed up around them.

Loki shifted behind her, bringing her attention back to his dick pressing against her. Darcy closed her eyes and only barely managed not to squirm away. "I meant with your super powers," she said.

The sound Loki made wasn’t quite a laugh, but it was close. "As did I," he said smugly. "Performing magic on another being isn’t as simple as saying a few words and waving your fingers. You need to make it stick."

Darcy kept her eyes closed and tried not to think about it. But she still had his dried blood on her chest, and remembered how he said that the magic wasn’t meant to be used on people. And now according to Loki, she had to either fuck him or freeze to death. It wasn’t much of a choice, but she knew she wouldn’t exactly have the option of choosing anyway. Even without the threat of becoming a human popsicle, she knew she couldn’t exactly say no. Not stuck in a car with nowhere to go.

"Fine. Whatever." It wasn’t fine, but at least saying that it was made her feel like she had some tiny bit of control over the situation. She ignored the way Loki chuckled behind her, and turned her head to stare at the swirling snow in the blinking lights outside. She expected a rough and violent affair, but he took his time like he was making sure he enjoyed it. Darcy tried not to listen to the things he said as he moved on top of her. She didn’t help with anything, but she forced herself not to fight back as well. It would be easier to just let him do what he wanted and then try to forget it ever happened.

"Relax, and you may even find this enjoyable," he said as he pulled one of the blankets over them, so at least Darcy didn’t have to lie there completely exposed and cold.

She turned to look away, not caring what he wanted her to do. Something about the whole thing seemed deeply amusing to Loki, but Darcy didn’t care about that either. When Loki moved his hands under her shirt, she expected him to pull everything off, but he didn’t. Apparently he could get his grope on just as well without stripping her completely naked and putting her on display. Darcy tried to see that as a positive. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes as Loki moved away to reach for her pants, which he did take off. She focused on breathing and refused to let herself cry. She wasn’t going to let the bastard think he’d won any more than he already had.

It hurt worse than she expected it to, but far less than it could have. Again, she expected him to be rough and violent, but he wasn’t. He really was enjoying it, and Darcy very nearly lost her battle to remain quiet. At least if he had been rough, he might have got it over with quickly, but she knew he had no intention of that. Worse, she could feel her body start to respond to his before long, but forced herself still. Her mind was screaming at her to fight back, while her hips wanted to do something else entirely, and fighting against both was starting to strain her ever muscle.

"Relax," Loki said again, before bringing his mouth to hers. She kept her teeth clenched tightly to keep his tongue out of her mouth, but he somehow managed to overpower her with just his mouth alone.

Darcy wondered what would happen if she bit his tongue, and knew it would be nothing good. She almost tried it anyway, but she felt something distinct and different start to overwhelm her. For the first time since she could remember, she was warm. She didn’t just feel warm because she had forgotten the freezing temperature around her; it was something inside her that had made the freezing temperature seem to almost go away; like they were parked somewhere in the middle of summer. Even as she lay there while Loki fucked her, she wondered if she might have avoided all her troubles had she just let him fuck her before, while they were still in New Mexico.

She wondered whether if Loki’s magic could make her warm, it could also be why part of her wanted to enjoy what was happening; if he was why she felt like she might actually come if he kept going like he was.

"You’re hurting my hip," she said finally.

Loki paused just long enough to shift his weight, and that was all it took. She was going to come while being fucked by a psychopath in the back of a Ford Taurus in the middle of nowhere. Loki apparently noticed, and before Darcy knew it, he rolled over so she was on top of him, with his arms around her waist and his face buried in her chest. She let herself ride out her orgasm, ignoring how she wrapped her arms around his shoulders for better leverage. She was pretty sure she could hear him laughing again, but she ignored that too.

It turned out, Loki wasn’t even close to done after that. Apparently gods weren’t exactly quick in the sack. At least then, it was easier to take his advice and just let herself enjoy it.