Darcy wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, but she woke to a familiar weight squeezing all the air out of her lungs. That was the first thing she noticed. She lay on her side, with Loki’s arm wrapped around her, holding her body against his. His hand had found its way under her multiple layers of clothing and held onto her tit. She was entirely trapped, and trying to move out of his grip was like trying to lift a lead weight off her. She struggled to free herself without waking him, but he only pulled her closer. Then he shifted, and Darcy’s entire body froze as he pressed his dick against her ass. At first, she tried to believe it was accidental, but it soon became clear that it had not happened as a result of their shifting bodies. The hand that still held onto her tit squeezed even harder as Loki rutted up against her and pressed his mouth against her neck, apparently not as asleep as he seemed.

"No," she said, trying to pull his arm off of her.

She managed to free herself from his grasp enough to swing her fist back and land it on his chest. Loki stopped, and Darcy braced herself to be hit back. For a moment that both stretched into eternity, and was over in a second, the two of them lay on the bed, Loki still holding her down. Then, he moved more quickly than she had realised he was capable, pinning her entire body down with his. His hands moved to take her wrists, holding them to the bed over her head, but Darcy’s entire attention was on his dick digging into her hip.

"Do not strike me again," Loki said, his face close to hers. She could barely see him in the dark, but she could feel him, his skin barely touching hers, and his hot breath on her neck.

"Get your dick off me and I won’t," Darcy said.

She tried to buck him off, but he forced himself between her legs, making his intent abundantly clear.

"I’ll scream," she said.

"He won’t hear you," Loki said. "I’ll make sure of it."

Darcy’s blood ran cold, and even though Loki held still as he pinned her down, she knew this was not a fight she could win. She had no idea what he was actually capable of, or how far he was willing to push himself to get what he wanted.

"I’m sorry I hit you," she said after a long moment. "But I don’t want this."

"What have you told him?" Loki asked.

She could feel him straining to keep still, and held herself as still as possible to avoid giving him a reason to stop trying. His dick was pressed painfully against her, like a constant reminder of what came next if he didn’t like what she had to say.

"I didn’t tell him anything," Darcy said.

"Do not lie to me," Loki said.

He let go of her wrist and grabbed her by the jaw instead, pressing his fingers so hard into her skin that she knew she’d bruise. She tried to take the opportunity to use her free hand to push him off, but he was bigger and heavier than her by a wide margin.

"You’re becoming too difficult to control," he said.

Suddenly, Darcy understood what he was doing.

"I’m sorry," she said. "I didn’t tell him anything. Please don’t do this."

He kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and not giving her any room to back away. She tried to shout against him, but sound barely escaped her throat. He tasted of sulphur, almost burning her tongue as he forced something more than just himself into her. Magic, she realised. She tried to fight against it, but he began rutting against her again, grinding his dick painfully against the inside of her hip. Darcy slammed her fist against any part of him she could reach as she tried to pull away, but it did no good. He grabbed her wrist again, pinning her hand back up above her head as he rutted against her like a horny teenager.

"You will obey me," he said, panting heavily as he dry fucked her. "I told you not to strike me again."

"I’m sorry," Darcy said quietly.

She didn’t scream because she knew nobody would hear. Whatever magic Loki had done on her would make sure of it. She stopped fighting back entirely, hoping that Loki would be done quickly so she could flee to another room; assuming he’d even let her. He shifted suddenly, moving to pin both her hands with one of his, freeing the other to touch her body. He forced his way under her clothes, finding her tit and tweaking her nipple so hard she did scream. For a moment, Darcy hoped Mike had heard, but she knew Loki had done it entirely to make a point; to prove to her that he wouldn’t hear anything that came from their room. He moved his hand to squeeze and fondle her breast, ignoring her attempts to try to roll him off of her. He was rough, touching entirely for his own pleasure, and none of hers.

Then, his hand was gone again, but the relief only lasted a brief moment. Soon, he was fussing with her pants, trying to undo the button that held them shut.

"No, stop, please," Darcy said, trying to roll away, or squirm backwards, or do anything to get away.

"I have exhausted far too much magic on you to get nothing in return," Loki said, finally working the button open. He lifted himself off her just long enough to start to pull her jeans down, fighting one-handed against Darcy doing everything she could to keep them on.

"I don’t want this," Darcy said again, trying every line she could think of to get him to stop. "You’re hurting me. Stop it."

The lines had worked before, but this time he didn’t stop. He managed to pull her jeans off and cast them aside, leaving her exposed except for her panties. Darcy froze, able to see enough in the darkness to know he was working on freeing himself from his own clothes. He didn’t take his jeans off entirely, lowering them just enough to get his cock out.

"Please don’t do this," Darcy said, holding her legs together so tightly her hips hurt.

"If you want my continued protection, you’ll stop fighting me," Loki said.

So that was it. Let him fuck her, or be thrown to the wolves. She stayed silent and let Loki pull her legs apart and put himself between them. He pulled her panties aside, and without any preamble, forced himself inside her with a single, burning, painful motion. Darcy bit her lip and let it happen, choking back the scream that caught in her throat. This wasn’t like the last time. Then, he’d at least been gentle. Then, she had convinced herself that she wanted it too. Then, it had been a matter of immediate life or death; some twisted way Loki’s magic worked that meant the most efficient means of doing what needed to be done was through sex. But this was different. She didn’t want it, and couldn’t convince herself that she did. This time, as he fucked her almost desperately into the mattress, it felt more like he was taking something away than giving her something. But she didn’t fight it. If she gave him what he wanted, he might be able to get it over with quickly, and leave her alone.

Nor did she fight him when he kissed her again, his mouth still stinging of sulphur and something else. It wasn’t a sensual kiss; nothing that might have coaxed her into relaxing. It was rough and greedy, and at times seemed to suck the very breath out of her lungs.

A long nap and a good fuck. This was what he’d meant on the train. The magic went both ways, and he was taking something from her. She silently begged for him to finish, to get it over with, but he barely even seemed close. Gods existed on an entirely different time scale, and that apparently extended to the time it took them to get off.

Again, she wished she’d let him fuck her in New Mexico. If that was all it would have taken, she could have sent him on his merry way and avoided everything. Darcy refused to let herself cry, and focused instead on the pain. Pain because he was too big, both inside her and on top of her. Pain from being fucked dry, and from her arms still pinned above her head. She stared at the darkness above her, trying to ignore Loki’s desperate sounds against her ear as he showed no sign of slowing.

He kissed her again as he shifted, taking some of his weight off of her hips. Somehow, his insistence on kissing her only made the entire thing feel even more dirty. More invasive somehow.

"Perhaps I’ll conquer this entire realm," he said suddenly, straining against his own motions. "Keep you as my queen and put a son in you."

His words broke something inside Darcy. They were something she hadn’t even considered. Loki was a space alien. Their parts may have been compatible, but she hadn’t thought for a second that their genetics would be. He’d already fucked her once; came deep inside her, and she’d done nothing about it. And now, she was letting it happen again.

"No," she said, her will to fight back renewed. "No, no, no, no."

She pushed against him, but it only seemed to play into exactly what he wanted. He fucked her harder and faster and it hurt with each thrust of his hips against hers. He shifted again, using his free hand to angle her hips differently, and held her as he seemed to try to fuck her through her cervix. All of her resolve to not scream and cry evaporated. Then, he kissed her again, taking all of that into himself as he picked up pace and fucked harder and harder and harder. Even as she fought against him, she knew it was hopeless. He came inside her, holding her down with his own weight even as she tried to squirm away.

"With practise you’d make a fine queen," he said.

She wanted to headbutt him, but she didn’t dare. He was still inside her, and still on top of her, and nothing she could do would allow her to get away.

"Why are you doing this?" Darcy asked, her voice surprisingly raw and ragged to her own ears.

"I’ve been betrayed too many times on this planet," Loki said. "I won’t be caught off-guard again."

Apparently he wasn’t done. He kissed her again, filling her mouth with that same acrid taste. Loki hadn’t even gone soft and he was already fucking her once more, this time slow and languid, like he wanted her to enjoy it as well. Darcy was glad everything hurt, because it gave her something else to think about. When her body did start to respond, Darcy told herself it was Loki’s magic. She let it happen, though she did nothing to encourage him. Even as she felt her own orgasm building, she resisted, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

She tried to hold herself still as she came, hoping he didn’t notice.

He was quicker this time, and again stayed where he was after he came inside her. His intent to get her pregnant clearly wasn’t a joke, and there was nothing she could do about it. She didn’t dare move, even as she could feel Loki’s dick finally starting to soften inside her. She didn’t dare give him a reason to try for round three. She knew he stayed on top of her to prove a point; to make sure she knew he was in charge. But also, she couldn’t help but wonder if he stayed there to make sure his sperm found its way deeper inside her. He held just enough of his weight off of her to not crush her completely, but he didn’t hold enough of it off of her. He was still heavy on top of her, too big to fight against and push off. Darcy wanted to flee; run somewhere far away, but when he finally rolled off her and shed his own jeans, she stayed where she was, on the ruined sheets, with her torn underwear still on. She told herself that maybe he was mistaken; maybe he was just trying to scare her. He was from outer space. There was no way he could get her pregnant.

She was quickly running out of convincing lies to tell herself.