Each of the realms has its own calendar, holy days, and festivals, and listing all of them would be a tome unto itself. For simplicity we are only including Asgard’s calendar and major holy and festival days.

No two calendars overlap, further complicating matters. Each realm has its own dates and ways of marking the years. On Asgard, the count of years is reset on the first Midwinter after a new king takes the throne. The years are numbered according to the reigning king’s number of years on the throne. For instance, we do not know when Øde was born, but he died in the 99th year of his reign, or in Øde’s 99th year. Because of this, a king will always take the throne in the year prior to his first year of reign, and thus Buri ascended to the throne in Øde’s 99th year.


Dark Times | Unknown. The period of time before Øde conquered the realms.

Øde’s Reign | 99 years


  • Mǫrsugr
  • Þorri
  • Góa
  • Einmánuður
  • Harpa
  • Skerpla
  • Sólmánuður
  • Heyannir
  • Tvímánuður
  • Haustmánuður
  • Gormánuður
  • Ýlir

Each month contains 33 days, except for Mǫrsugr, which contains 35 days.

Days of the Week

  • Mandag
  • Tirsdag
  • Onsdag
  • Torsdag
  • Fredag
  • Lørdag
  • Søndag

Festival Days

Midwinter | Mǫrsugr. The first day of the year, in the middle of dark winter. Before the adoption of Asgard’s calendars, most people measured ages and dates based on dark winters had passed. Traditionally, as well as today, it is celebrated with a feast.

Þorrablót | Þorri. Þorrablót is the day the suns return to the sky, bringing the first light of the year. Sacrifices to the Old Gods are made, and celebrations are held.

Dísablót | Góa. The start of the spring sowing, and a fertility festival honouring one’s mothers and grandmothers, and their mothers and grandmothers before. Also the first sign of days becoming longer than night.

Sigrblót | Harpa. The final twilight before the long summer. Sacrifices to the Old Gods are held, along with prayers for the coming harvest. Often accompanied with celebration and feast.

Midsummer | Sólmánuður. The midway point of the year, marked by celebration and feasts.

Freyfaxi | Heyannir. The first return of twilight and the start of the harvest. Often marked by celebration and feasts.

Vetrnætr | Haustmánuður. The final days of harvest, and the first signs of nights becoming longer than day. This is a day for feast, celebration, and prayer. Sacrifices are performed, from the year’s harvest, to ask the gods for a mild dark winter.

Einherjarblót | Gormánuður. The final day of sun before dark winter. Honours those fallen in battle and other honourable dead. Sometimes marked by feasts, but primarily a day of offering and prayer.

Countless other small festivals and feast days occur through the realm, but these eight are those officially recognised by the palace hofgoði.