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5+1 abuse aggressor!fandral aggressor!greg aggressor!hogun aggressor!loki aggressor!sylvie aggressor!thor alex horne is a strange gremlin alex horne is incapable of saying no alien impregnation alternate universe angst background het background relationships background slash balls out risky kink bamf loki beach sex bedroom negotiation bestiality body horror breeding bullying canon blending canon-typical behaviour canon-typical kink canon-typical language canon-typical violence casefic chastity cheating complicated relationships crack crime & criminals darcy's poor choice in men dark denial dom!greg domestic kink don't have to know canon drug use drugged sex dry humping dubcon dysfunctional relationships female!loki ficlet fictional history financial domination fish out of water forced feminisation forced marriage forced pregnancy frigga's b- parenting fusion au gang rape gaslighting genderfluid!loki genre bending good loki gratuitous paul hollywood slander humiliation hurt loki hurt no comfort id fic illness implied/references incest in-universe incest intercrural sex intersex!loki jötunn!loki kept boy kidnapping listfic loki and sylvie are twins loki does what loki wants loki is a bad brother loki is a good brother loki is a little shit loki needs a hug loki's drinking problem loki's drug problem loki's poor life choices loki’s drinking problem loki’s drug problem lore!fic manipulation manufactured sexual attraction mark watson is a strange gremlin meddling friends mental bondage mental health issues mildly dubious consent mostly gen multiple universes colliding mundane au mystery no aftercare no dialogue no failsafe no safewords noir detectives odin's a+ parenting odin's good parenting one-sided pants wetting period-typical attitudes pov loki pov multiple pov thor power imbalance pre-canon prostitution protective thor quests resistance decay revoked consent road trips secrets service kink sexual slavery size difference slow burn sneaky frigga sneaky references to bad golf somnophilia stage magic stockholm syndrome sub!alex sugar daddy!greg tentacles third party narrator thor is a bad brother thor is a good brother thor is not stupid tim key is a chaos goblin timeline shenanigans total power exchange trash heap loki twincest underage drinking underage drug use underage sex unhinged unreliable narrator unsafe insane and dubiously consensual unwitting kink negotiation victim!alex victim!darcy victim!loki victim!sif victorian attitudes toward homosexuality weird adoptive dad tim key what it says on the tin what-if whump xeno canon divergent modern setting

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