Tarbell Course in Magic, vol 1 (81,000 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 26
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki, Jane Foster/Thor
Characters: Loki, Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, Thor
Additional Tags: alternate universe – modern setting, stage magic, slow burn, dysfunctional relationships, complicated relationships, power imbalance, mental health issues, fish out of water, darcy’s poor choices in men, loki’s poor life choices, loki is a bad brother, thor is a bad brother, odin’s a+ parenting, frigga’s b- parenting, trash heap loki

Summary: All her life, Darcy has wanted to perform magic on stage. When a new act comes into town and auditions for an assistant, Darcy takes a chance and goes in for the part. It’s just a shame that the new magician is a creep with an ulterior motive that could ruin everything.

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