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Quality Instruction

Quality Instruction (Word Count TBD) by NotAlexHorne

Chapters: 27
Fandom: QI, Taskmaster, British Comedy
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Characters: David Mitchell, Alan Davies, Phill Jupitus, Bill Bailey, Dara Ó Briain, Stephen Fry

Summary: David’s at a new school, where he’s having the same old problems.  He has no friends, he doesn’t like his teachers, and the feeling is mutual, and he has a bullying problem that also seems to go both ways.  It’s not that he doesn’t know  how to stand up for himself.  It’s quite the opposite, rather.

He doesn’t seem to know when to shut the fuck up.  And it’s long since become a problem.

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I realise this is not how any school on the planet operates, but I don’t particularly care.  I had to bend reality a bit for this to work.

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Loki: God of Outcasts

Loki: God of Outcasts (Word Count TBD) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: ?
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Violence, Character Death, Underage, see tags
Characters: All of them

Summary: What if one decision over 1000 years ago was made differently? Rather than being fed lies and made an unwilling party to them, the narrative changes and Loki is raised knowing he is Jötunn. But Asgard is no place for an abandoned Jötunn runt.

AU in which Odin is mostly-honest, Thor is still a spoilt brat, and Loki still deserves a smack in the mouth. Or, that time the MCU was inhabited by the comic versions of Thor and Loki.

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Theobromine (3,000 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Great Mouse Detective / Basil of Baker Street
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Drug Abuse / Overdose
Characters: Basil of Baker Street, David Q Dawson, Mrs Judson
Additional Tags: Drug use, Victorian attitudes toward homosexuality
Summary: Basil is a mouse of simple and specific habits. Sometimes, these habits can be quite dangerous in their simplicity.

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